Rent Friendship House Facilities

The Friendship House Community Center facilities is available for rent by the community and local business and agenices. Below are the facilities reservation form; Kitchen rules and regulations; and information on how to obtain a temporary food permit.

Facilities reservation form
Kitchen rules and regulation
How to obtain a temporary food permit

Fee schedule: Please Contact Lois Hannible (number below) for rate information.

There is a 2 hour minimum for rentals.
Security Service is required for all events, unless otherwise stated.
Two security guards will be needed for every 100 people. Security guards are contracted by CAPK.
Security guards are $18 per hour, per guard (must be paid two weeks prior to event.)
General liability insurance coverage for $1,000,000 is required for all events.
All fees are payable at least 2 weeks prior to scheduled use.

For questions, please contact:

Lois Hannible
Phone: (661) 369-8926
Fax: (661) 834-5477

2424 Cottonwood Road
Bakersfield, CA 93307


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