Advisory Board

Advisory Board Members

Keith (Brian) Edwards (President)
Jenilee Fermin (Vice President)
Raul Gallardo (Secretary/Treasurer)
Fuchsia Ward
Nick Hill
Margo Perry
Kathy Campbell

Advisory Board Meetings (12:00pm-1:00pm)

February 2/8/22
April 4/12/22
June 6/14/22
August 8/9/22
October 10/11/22
December 12/13/22

Meetings are held via TEAMS.

CAPK Friendship House offers a free afterschool & summer program that provides a welcoming and safe environment for youth to have fun, receive tutoring, and explore new interests. You can help guide this community treasure into the future by joining the Friendship House Advisory Board. The board raises funds to support Friendship House and represents the center and its community before the Community Action Partnership of Kern Governing Board.

If interested in joining the Friendship House Advisory Board, visit the CAPK website at and navigate
to Programs. Click on the Friendship House link and select the FHCC Advisory Board Member
Application link at the bottom to apply. Call (661) 369-8926 for more information.

Apply Now!