Energy Program

CAPK’s Energy Program assists income-eligible residents with utility bill payments, free weatherization, and energy education, at no cost to the participants. Services include weather stripping; repair or replacement of windows and doors, heating/cooling appliances, stoves, and refrigerators; and more.

  1. CAPK’s Energy and Weatherization Program is open for appointments Monday -Thursday, from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
  2. Applicants need to make an appointment to be seen by a Technician.
  3. In accordance to California law, masks must be worn when visiting the office.
  4. To maintain social distance requirements, only the applicant may enter the office. Except for disabled applicants, who require assistance.
  5. Applications can be mailed or dropped off at 300 19thStreet, Bakersfield, CA 93301.
  6. To make an appointment or to receive an application, please call 2-1-1.
  7. If someone in the household is receiving EDD benefits due to COVID-19, your household may be eligible to receive utility assistance. You must bring proof to confirm someone in your household is receiving EDD benefits beginning 1/1/2020 (e.g., A Notice of Award letter).