The CAPK Central Kitchen is a team of twenty-three staff members. We have two supervisors, seven food production staff, eleven food production drivers, one food service clerk, one food service technician and one manager. The Central Kitchen team is one of great experience. There are team members with decades of experience in providing meals to the Head Start Centers. Our team works together to ensure that the meals prepared and delivered are of top quality


The Central Kitchen will pull together when needed to get the job done and done correctly. The team follows strict policies and procedures to ensure safety, sanitation and health requirements are met. Regulations are followed at all times by staff members. They understand the importance of having accountability for meals prepared and food service items from the time of order to time of delivery to the centers. They understand the importance of critical temperature controls, sanitation, and documentation.

The staff at the Central Kitchen work together to obtain one goal and that is to have the best quality of service to the children within the CAPK program.