M Street Navigation Center FAQ

2900 M Street, Bakersfield

1) How are people transported to the shelter?
Members of the Bakersfield-Kern Regional Homeless Collaborative partner with the M Street Navigation Center to help people experiencing homelessness get to the navigation center and other shelters.

2) What is the phone number for someone experiencing homelessness to call to get help?
Individuals who are homeless in Kern County can get assistance by calling 2-1-1, Community Action Partnership of Kern’s information and referral line, to be connected with the Kern County Coordinated Entry System (KCCES) intake staff.  The KCCES staff will connect people with homeless services – including a bed at the M Street Navigation Center.

3) Are couples allowed to be housed together?
The M Street Navigation Center will house both men and women age 18-years and older. Men and women who are overnight guests will be housed in separate areas of the dorm.

4) Are pets housed at the navigation center?
M Street Navigation Center is excited to house the canine companions of our overnight guests in an on-site kennel facility managed by Kern County Animal Services. Pet support is offered based on kennel availability. Only verified service dogs are allowed in common areas or dormitories. Each dog’s owner will be jointly responsible for caring for them. Violent or disruptive animals will not be allowed at the shelter.

5) Is there a secure place for resident’s belongings?
Secure storage is provided for all overnight guests’ possessions at the M Street Navigation Center. Carts are not allowed. Possessions will be searched for drugs and weapons during the registration process and those items are prohibited at the shelter. All other possessions will be stored securely onsite.

6) How much storage is provided per person?
Each resident will be assigned a heavy-duty, 32 gallon rolling bin – similar in size to a residential recycling bin – where belongings will be stored. The bins will be locked and kept in a secure location. Overnight guests will also be provided two small bins for personal care items to be stored under their beds.

7) How many meals are provided a day?
Three meals are served each day.

8) Can people remain at the shelter during the day?
The M Street Navigation Center is open to the public between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. daily. Residents are allowed to remain at the center and on-site services are provided there.

9) What kind of services are provided to support M Street residents during their stay?
On-site services provided at M Street Navigation Center include medical and mental health support, financial education, substance abuse counseling, and job and education assistance – as well as veterans’ services. Partners providing this support include Kern County Behavioral Health and Recovery Services, Kern County Animal Services, Kern County Health Authority (Kern Medical), Kern County Department of Human Services, Flood Ministries, CityServe, WESTEC, Employers Training Resources, Kern County Veterans Services and the California Veterans Assistance Foundation.

10) Are there job and permanent housing referrals on site?
Services by Employers Training Resources and other on-site partners provide job-training, soft-skills training and employment assistance. Center staff, housing navigators, and various on-site Center partners also provide housing referrals and help guide residents through the process of acquiring permanent housing.

11) Is there security onsite
The M Street Navigation Center has 24-hour security on-site provided by a private security company.