Food Bank

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CAPK Food Bank
1807 Feliz Drive
Bakersfield, CA 93307

p. (661) 398-4520
f. (661) 398-4524

Food Bank

Kern County faces the 9th highest rate of food hardship in the United States. Community Action Partnership of Kern Food Bank was established in 1983 to acquire food and other resources to help alleviate hunger, provide food, and meet the nutritional needs of these economically disadvantaged in Kern County. The Food Bank distributes more than 7.8 million pounds of food annually to hungry individuals, families, non-profits, churches, community centers, homeless shelters, and poverty fighting agencies throughout Kern County. Fifty-four percent of those served by the Food Bank are children.

Kern County Hunger Facts:

  • 58% of Food Bank participants are children.
  • Each dollar donated can help provide 7 pounds of food.
  • Each year the Food Bank distributes millions of pounds of food to low income families throughout Kern County.
  • 21% of the residents in Kern County are food insecure.

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